You may have some more questions about our food – you’re not alone!

Below are some questions we frequently get asked. Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your dog’s specific needs.

Our raw food consists of PURE MEAT, which means no additives and because we do not add any grains or wheat but just meat, our raw food is naturally grain-, gluten- & sugar-free.

Our raw food (which is locally made by the way) contains only high-quality ingredients, which are fit for human consumption, and the packaging also makes it “human-friendly” ~ just open, defrost and serve.

Our raw food is frozen, which is important because we do not add any additives to make it last, so by freezing it, we can naturally preserve it and keep it fresh.

Our raw food is also, well, raw. We all know that the high temperatures we apply to cook our food destroy many of the valuable nutrients. In order to provide your dog with the best natural nutrition our fresh food range is all raw (not cooked).

What’s also great is that our raw food is designed to be a staple diet, so you do not need to mix it with other foods – and it has been approved as a complete food by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF). No carbs mean that your dog eats until they are full, without gaining weight or going hungry*.

* Please note that should your dog be overweight, you will likely find that over time, your dog should shed excessive fat but not muscle weight. However, if you have a dog that tends to overeat and visibly gains fat, we suggest that you limit the access to the food. This is rare though and you should give your dog enough time to adapt to this new diet. Also, it is important to remember that the raw food diet must not be mixed with kibble or any carbohydrates.

Our raw food is suitable for all life stages, including puppies, lactating dogs and senior dogs.

On a raw food diet your dog should balance and regulate their own food intake as required – therefore we do not give specific feeding instructions but only provide some guidelines. See our on-pack recommendations or click on the link below for feeding guidelines based on your dog’s weight.

On average, it should take your dog about 10 days to adjust to the raw food and do not worry, your dog’s eating pattern may change. Because the ‘dehydrated raw food’ is highly nutritious you may find that your dog may start to skip meals or may choose not to eat at all on some days. Some people worry that their dog is not eating enough or may no longer like the food, but if there is no visual muscle loss the nutrients consumed are sufficient — it is simply because the food keeps your dog sustained for longer.

Therefore, rather than feeding at specific times, your dog should continuously have access to the food along with fresh drinking water. Due to its taste and consistency your dog may initially consider the food to be a treat but should then adopt it as its staple diet.

Also, if you think about it, your dog’s ancestor, the wolf, also does not hunt and eat every day, so you should not be concerned if your dog skips a meal. In fact, a decrease in the amount and frequency of food consumed is to be expected and not eating for a day or two is a dog’s natural form of detoxification.

By not adding any such allergens means, there will be no itching due to a healthy skin resulting in a shinier coat. We also do not add any salt which means healthy kidneys, liver and heart. Also, because our raw food promotes healthy teeth and gums your dog will not have smelly breath.

Our raw food is naturally packed with essential nutrients, which assists in muscle gain and fat loss (there is so much protein). When feeding our raw food, you may also notice behavioural changes, in that your dog becomes less hyper.

Our raw food is minced, which makes it suitable for smaller breeds too. It has no colourants because, let’s be honest, your dog does not care what it looks like, so let’s keep it natural.

If we have convinced you and you cannot wait for your dog to get all these amazing health benefits, please contact us to find out where you can purchase the Pets Elite raw dog food range.