The goodness of raw food with the convenience of dry food

PLEASE NOTE: your dog’s eating pattern may change. You may find that they start to eat only when they feel hungry or as energy is required. Therefore, rather than feeding at specific times, your dog should continuously have access to the food along with fresh drinking water.

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The Dehydrated Raw Food was developed locally by German master butchers and nutritional experts along with a qualified animal nutrition scientist accredited by the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP). Our most senior contributor has more than 40 years of experience in the industry and collectively Pets Elite has a combined experience level and acquired knowledge base of over 150 years.

Yes, extensive testing was directed by a certified Cape Town based laboratory and further tests and monitoring was conducted by a Food Science Centre to provide accurate shelf-life parameters.

Approx. 90% of the moisture is extruded from the regular raw food during a process, which never exceeds 35°C. As a result, raw food is not cooked and retains all the nutritional and health benefits of wet raw food.  ANY FOOD EXPOSED TO TEMPERATURES IN EXCESS OF 45°C WOULD BE CONSIDERED COOKED.

Our production process incorporates several measures under a strict hygiene management system to control pathogens. First, we source all our raw material from export-accredited suppliers who provide us with high quality products. Furthermore, we utilize specialized production processes and management systems including nontoxic sanitization system (e.g. UV and o-zone). The laboratory that does our testing confirmed that an additional benefit and protective measure of our product is the absence of grain. Dehydrated meat has a lower potential for carrying pathogens compared to dehydrated grain.

Under the advisory of a qualified PhD-level researcher, numerous dogs were enrolled in our food development trials. This process allowed us to refine the specific ratio of ingredients in order to arrive at the current finely balanced formula, which provides optimal nutrition with maximum health benefits.

Our statement, “The goodness of raw food, with the convenience of dry food” really sums it up quite nicely. Essentially, our Dehydrated RAW food is an improved type of raw food because we provide an uncooked meat diet, which can be stored without freezing and served without the hassle of defrosting – therefore, fusing health and convenience into one nutritional product.