…we feed raw. 

Before dogs were domesticated, they hunted their food and ultimately ate the entire animal, not just the flesh. All parts of the animal, the skin, bones, organs and even the stomach contents hold important nutrients and are crucial components for a canine’s health and vitality.

The Pets Elite dog food range is developed in line with your dog’s natural and ancestral diet, mimicking their evolutionary feeding habits.

Feeding a diet that is naturally designed for them, brings great health benefits by providing them with their essential nutritional requirements and strengthening their immune system, which decreases their risk of contracting diseases and illnesses, prolonging their life span.

Have a look at our ‘frequently asked questions’ section to see what makes PETS ELITE RAW FOOD particularly good!


What to expect when your dog switches to raw food

On a raw food diet your dog should balance and regulate their own food intake as required – therefore we do not give specific feeding instructions but only provide some guidelines.
Here are some tips you may want to consider based on the observations we made during our feeding trails:
  • Due to its taste and consistency your dog may initially consider the food to be a treat but should then adopt it as its staple diet.
  • On average, it should take your dog about 10 days to adjust to the raw food
  • Because the ‘dehydrated raw food’ is highly nutritious you may find that your dog may start to skip meals or may choose not to eat at all on some days. Some people worry that their dog is not eating enough or may no longer like the food, but if there is no visual muscle loss the nutrients consumed are sufficient — it is simply because the food keeps your dog sustained for longer.
    • Also, if you think about it, your dog’s ancestor, the wolf, also does not hunt and eat every day, so you should not be concerned if your dog skips a meal. In fact, a decrease in the amount and frequency of food consumed is to be expected and not eating for a day or two is a dog’s natural form of detoxification.
Currently, we offer 4 different frozen raw food mixes and 2 dehydrated raw food flavours, all designed to keep your dog happy, healthy and thriving.