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• All natural animal-derived raw products.
• To keep your pet healthy.
• Naturally flavourful.
• Grain - & wheat-free.
• Healthier than carbo-loaded dog biscuits.
• Chewy treats/bones are great for
dental health.
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• It is your dog's natural ancestral diet.
• No additives - just nature's goodness.
• No flavourants - it already has all the natural flavour your pet likes.
• No colourants - what for, anyway?
• No grains or carbs - just pure animal derivatives.
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• Great as a reward during training.
• Extensive range suitable for any breed (from small to large).
• All treats and food are stored and processed using unique chemical free sterilizing technology.

The Pets Elite range was launched in 2005 by an established pet food company with two generations of international experience in the industry.

The Pets Elite range is produced in Cape Town using only the best quality and natural ingredients. At Pets Elite we strive to constantly extend our product range by developing unique and innovative treats — always making your pet’s well-being our top priority.

Apart from a vast variety of natural treats, nibbles and bones, Pets Elite also has a raw food range made from pure meat without any artificial additives or flavour enhancers.

Mission statement

Our mission is to develop treats and food in line with your pet’s natural and ancestral diet. We strive to produce authentic products that are:


• Healthy
• Natural
• Consumer-friendly


Our fundamental belief is that for your dog’s health raw treats and raw food are the most biologically appropriate. Therefore, the majority of our treats remain raw and are simply just dried.
All treats and food is stored and processed using unique chemical free sterilizing technology.

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High quality ingredients with added benefits to help dogs live long, happy and healthy lives.
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