Our Mision:

To develop treats and food in line with your pet’s natural and ancestral diet. We strive to produce authentic products that are:

  • Healthy

  • Natural

  • Consumer-friendly

Benefits of feeding a Pets Elite raw food diet:

  • our raw food is made of animal meat and organs and contains NO grains or carbohydrates, which means your pet can eat more without gaining weight and will not go hungry 

  • certain raw foods are also enriched with extra nutrients by adding, for example, certain kinds of vegetables, fruits or kelp

  • promotes a shiny & healthy skin & coat

  • different meat & natural flavour combinations for a varied and healthy balanced diet according to your dog’s needs and your preferred raw food diet (see the WHY RAW FOOD tab for more details)

  • Pets Elite uses only high quality ingredients, which are fit for human consumption

  • affordable !!!

Natural, balanced & raw:

  • no additives – just pure meat 

  • no artifical flavourants – just pure meat

  • no grains or carbs – just pure meat

  • no colourants – just pure meat
    (because your pet does not care what it looks like)

What else do you need to know?

  • minced (therefore also suitable for smaller breeds)

  • frozen (remember, we do not add any additives to make it last, so it naturally lasts best when frozen)

How to serve:

Just defrost ahead of time and serve in line with the on-pack recommendations for your pet’s weight.

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